Randy is an author of fictional stories, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His brand of story telling typically will have aspects of horror, action, science-fiction, thriller, and mystery. All he wants is to lead you away on an escape for a little while.





I grew up on movies, couldn't get enough. I'll be a movie junkie for the rest of my life, no question. Books came after, and then writing, my imagination spurred at a very young age from the wonders of the silver screen, the small screen, and now the multitude of options available to us. Movies, books, and video games are my go to entertainment sources. And I almost always listen to music when I write, typically alternative or instrumental. 

I remember going to the drive-in when I was six, mesmerized by the movie, Grizzly. And then, when I was nine, I walked out of the movie, Alien, after the chest bursting scene; nightmares of face hugging aliens plagued me for a month, and I slept with the covers over my face. And now I've seen so many horror movies that I've been desensitized, but it doesn't change my affection toward movies like Alien because it's so well done. And that goes for any story in whatever medium it may be in: if the story moves you, excites you, scares you, makes you laugh, makes your heart pound, it's a story worth watching, reading, or listening to. My hope is my stories excite others as much as they do me. 

It's daunting (the choices for the reader and for the author's pursuit of what they love to do and hope you, the reader, enjoy, and enjoy enough that you keep coming back for more). We're in a time of information overload, and all I ask, for myself anyway, is to give me a chance if your reading interests steer anywhere around mystery, horror, sci-fi, and/or action.

I've only one novel at this time (I'm working on another) and it gestated in my head for a long time; they don't let me go until I get the words out so I think about them for a while, projecting in my noggin in an infinite loop until it's realized. My goal is to take you, the reader, away on a trip, a journey, and hopefully one you care about as I do when I write.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada is my home, and my desire at this moment (and has been for a long time) is to write my stories for a living. I haven't gotten there yet, but I'm working on it one word at a time, and, with any luck, I'll get a fan or two who enjoys my particular brand of story telling.

Thank you!

Randy Dean Noble