Randy is an author of fictional stories, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His brand of story telling typically will have aspects of horror, action, science-fiction, thriller, and mystery. All he wants is to lead you away on an escape for a little while.





Surviving the Theseus


A woman, trained to find and kill the dregs of humanity, ends up on a massive cruise vessel. In the span of a few hours, everyone disappears, thousands of passengers seemingly vanish. It is a time of restricted space travel so enforced that almost nobody can veer off course, but nobody knows why. They're about to find out. Get ready for a Sci-Fi/Horror/Thriller roller coaster ride.

Over the Bridge


Nathan, forced to hide in his backyard in the dead of night, gets a disturbing phone call from a stranger. Now, before time runs out, Nathan will discover if his once honed instincts will keep him alive or take him to the brink of the impossible and a fear he thought he conquered.