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Alone on a dark highway in a strange car.


No memory of your identity, location, or how you ended up there.


Something lurks in the gloomy, dense forest watching you.


What would you do?

About the Author

Randy Noble writes stories, which, considering you're on his author page, is probably a no-brainer. He's a supernatural thriller kind of guy, who grew up on a slew of movies and books, those of the fantastical variety inspiring most of his writing interests.

Randy has been writing off an on, for his own pleasure, since he was in his early teens. He got more serious around 2010 when he wrote and published some short stories, and then his first novel, Surviving the Theseus. Not happy with the version that was published, he spent some time in 2015 having Surviving the Theseus re-edited. Since then he has been writing, but not publishing anything, and not writing daily. As the cliche goes: life got in the way. And that is no excuse, he knows, as so many hard working authors out there make time, and that's what he's doing now: making the time for what he loves to do.

A friend once said to him, "You've worked more minimum wage jobs than anyone I know." Randy has worked at a fast food place, a grocery store bagging groceries, a restaurant as a delivery driver and as a cook for a short while, two department stores, a screen printer, office supplies delivery driver, a dishwasher (at a different restaurant), another grocery store as a stock person, a video arcade / video game rental store, and he delivered ice in a five ton truck that had no reefer (for refrigeration). This was all motivation to do something else, which led him to a degree with a major in computer science, and another series of workplaces that were never more than a job. His true passion, since he was a kid, has been story creation. And that's where he hopes to fill his days, creating entertaining stories that excite and intrigue.


And he enjoys eating unhealthy food because it tastes good, but his wife thankfully keeps him in balance with healthier options, because, you know, he doesn't want to have a coronary. If you, the wonderful visitor of this page, are at all interested in supernaturally kind of stuff, then, please, by all means, have a look-see around, see if you don't find something you like and then hang for awhile longer. And feel free to Subscribe to Randy's email list to get updates on what he's working on, releases, giveaways, and other magical whatnots.

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Novels and short stories

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Surviving the Theseus, a novel

Regina, a Search Out and Destroy officer, must find out what happened to thousands of people who vanished on a space cruise vessel.

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Over the Bridge, a short story

Nathan, forced to hide in his backyard in the dead of night, gets a disturbing phone call from a stranger. Now, before time runs out, Nathan will discover if his once honed instincts will keep him alive or take him to the brink of the impossible and a fear he thought he conquered.

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Something is coming, with diabolical plans to wipe out all of humankind.

Sitting in an abandoned farmhouse across from a being who reeks of evil, Boston has no clue what the creature could possibly want from him....

...Fans of supernatural suspense and high-octane thrills are sure to love the gripping adventure found in Lords of Apocalypse: Nexus


An army of shadowy figures. A dark, twisted creature. And a being hell-bent on destroying humankind.

With Eziel's whereabouts unknown, and with Boston's team having nothing to go on, their luck shifts when a mysterious stranger appears. A woman, Lorcthe, approaches Boston and claims herself as a Quisling—those that are considered traitors to Eziel. Lorcthe has uncanny knowledge about Boston and his team and what they've been through. Things she shouldn’t know. After getting nowhere by themselves, they have no choice but to team up with Lorcthe to try to find and destroy Eziel before it brings about an apocalypse.

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